Honorary Senators


  • Dr. Walter Hatak (Chief Executive OMV AG)
  • Siegfried Ludwig (former Provincial Governor of Lower Austria) (†)



  • Dr. Franz Gerstenbrand (former Head of the Neurology University Clinic Innsbruck; founding President of the European Federation of Neurological Societies)
  • Johannes Lahofer (Deputy Department Chairman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s federal and provincial departments for trade, crafts and services, and Federal Guild Master for the construction sector)
  • Norbert Weber (Managing Director, Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Ges.m.b.H.)



  • Dr. Manfred Straube (Head of the Institute of Company and Commercial Law, University of Vienna)
  • Dr. Emanuele Gatti (Chairman of Fresenius Medical Care for the Regions Europe, Latin America, Near East and Africa, and strategic development)



  • Hans-Werner Frömmel (Federal Guild Master for the building sector)



  • Dr. Joachim Rössl (former Head of the Culture, Science and Education Group, Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria)



  • Hi-Soo Kim, M.D., Ph.D. (Founder and President of Konyang University)

Honorary Professors


  • Dr. Peter Gausmann (Managing Director of the Society for Risk Consulting)
  • Daniele Marcelli (Vice President EMEALA Medical Board at Fresenius Medical Care)



  • Dr. med. Hartmut Ehrlich (Baxter Innovations GmbH, Vienna)
  • Dr. Armin J. Kammel, LL.M. (Association of Austrian Investment Companies, Vienna)
  • William Kilgallon, BSc PhD MBA (Berkshire)
  • Dr. phil. Michael M. Märtens (University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt/Main)
  • PD Dr. med. Hans-Jörg Meisel (Clinics Confraternity Bergmannstrost, Halle/Saale)
  • Dr. Brigitte Schigl, MSc (Psychotherapist, Clinical and Health Psychologist, Vienna/Krems)
  • Dr. Christian Haid (Head of the biomechanical laboratory at the University Clinic for Orthopedics in Innsbruck)
  • Dr. Christian Tschauner (Head of the Department of Orthopaedics, Stolzalpe Hospital)
  • Dr. Walter Michael Strobl, MBA (Head of the paediatric and adolescent orthopaedics clinic and neuro-orthopaedics at Rummelsberg Hospital)
  • Othmar Karas, M.B.L. (Vice President of the European Parliament)



  • Dr. Gunther Hauser (Institute of Strategy and Security Policy, National Defence Academy, Vienna)
  • Dr. Gerald Ohrenberger, MSc (Nursing hospital „Haus der Barmherzigkeit“, Department of Internal Medicine with General Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Vienna)
  • Dr. Karl Piswanger (Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger Gesellschaft m.b.H., Vienna)
  • Michael P. Schermann (BATCON - Business and Technology Consulting GmbH, Rotenturm)
  • Dr. Dieter Thomaschewski (College Ludwigshafen on Rhine, Ludwigshafen)
  • Rolf von Rössing (Forfa AG Holding, Berg / Canton Thurgau)
  • Dr. Dieter Bogner (Bogner Cultural Consulting)
  • Dr. Margarete Czerny (Department for Migration and Globalisation, Danube University Krems)
  • Dr. Gerhard Führer (Peridomus Institute Dr. Führer)
  • Dr. Christoph Gleiter (CenTrial GmbH)
  • Dr. Manfred Weissinger (General Hospital Gmünd, Waidhofen/Thaya and Zwettl)



  • Dr. med. Moo-Sik LEE, PhD (Dean of Graduate School of Public Health and Welfare, Head of Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, College of Medicine, Konyang University, South Korea)
  • Byoung-Kwon LEE, PhD (Chairman of Department of Physical Therapy, College of Medical Science, Konyang University, South Korea)
  • Dr. Karl Wagner (Executive Partner, procon Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Vienna)



  • Dr. phil. Jürg Goll (local Head of archaeological research and site manager at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Monastery Müstair, Director of the Brickworks Museum in Cham)
  • Dr. Monika Petermandl (Course Director at the Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Management at Danube University Krems)
  • Jeffrey Shaw (Dean and Professor of Media Arts, School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Rolf Schulmeister (Professor at the Center for Higher and Continuing Education (ZHW) at the University of Hamburg)



  • Dr. Dr. Michael G. Schimek, MPhil (Bath Univ.) (Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation of the Medical University of Graz)
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Horst Klinkmann (Honorary President of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO), Dean of the International Faculty of Artificial Organs (INFA), Bologna)

Holders of the Ring of Honour


  • Dr. techn. Ingela Bruner-Newton (Vienna) (†)
  • Dr. Dieter Falkenhagen (former Head of the Department for Health Sciences and Biomedicine at Danube University Krems) (†)
  • Dr. Robert Fischer (Institute of dental medicine and dental technology, Danube Private University, Krems)
  • Dr. Rudolf Slavicek (A.E.R.S. Dental Medicine Organisations GmbH, Vienna)



  • Dr. iur. Maria-Margarethe Berger (European Union Court of Justice, Luxemburg)
  • Dr. Anton Leitner, MSc (Department for Psychotherapy and Biopsychosocial Health, Danube University Krems)



  • Dr. Dr. Gerhard Ortner (Chairman of the advisory board of the teaching location Memmingen, scientific Course Director at the Department for E-Governance and Administration at Danube University Krems



  • Dr. habil. Gudrun Biffl (former Head of the Department for Migration and Globalisation, pioneer in the scientific discussion and establishment of migration research in Austria)



  • Vera Ehgartner (former Chairwoman of the Work Council, former Director of Studies and Head of the Division of Legal Affairs and Educational Law at the University for Continuing Education Krems)
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Michael Brainin (former Professor and Head of the Department for Clinical Neurosciences and Preventive Medicine at the University for Continuing Education Krems, former Head of the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital Tulln)


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