The University for Continuing Education Krems stands as one of the leading public universities for continuing education in Europe. Through its expertise in research and teaching, the university is engaged to meet current and future societal challenges. In order to maintain and further develop these activities and services at a high level of quality in the future, appropriate funding is required. The University for Continuing Education Krems receives funding by the federal government and the province of Lower Austria, yet alongside additional income from donations can help to support its research and teaching activities.

Tax deductibility

Pursuant to Section 4a (3) (1) of the Income Tax Act, the University for Continuing Education Krems as a university is eligible to receive donations. Therefore, donations (voluntary contributions) from both private individuals and companies are tax-deductible.

Since 1 January 2017, private individuals no longer have to declare their donations themselves to the tax office for tax purposes. The university reports the donation to the tax office so that the amount can be considered as a special expense in the employee tax assessment. For this purpose, it is required to provide the full name (according to the registration form) and the date of birth.

Anonymous donations are also possible, however, tax deductibility is waived. Nevertheless, the University for Continuing Education Krems reserves the right not to accept donations in certain cases.

Amount of deductibility

The deductibility of donations is limited in amount (for details see

As a special expense, donations from private individuals are deductible up to 10 percent of the total amount of income for the year in question. Donations in kind and in cash by companies are deductible as business expenses up to 10 percent of the profit (before considering the profit allowance).

Banking account

Beneficiary: University for Continuing Education Krems

Payment purpose: UWK donation
(For private persons additionally first and last name according to registration form, date of birth)

Bank: Unicredit Bank Austria

IBAN: AT08 1100 0039 7404 1000


Thank you for your invaluable support!

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