The eAward 2019 was presented in Vienna on 31 January 2019. Out of seven categories innovative IT projects were awarded. The cooperation project of Danube University Krems with the “MAS Alzheimerhilfe” and the “Sicherheitsakademie (SIAK)” received an eAward for interactive online training in which police officers acquire competences in dealing with dementia.

The police are an important cooperation partner for families in which members suffer from dementia. In order to acquire the ability to react appropriately to the needs of the people concerned, an interactive online training was developed. "The police officers have to complete a knowledge check on all three modules. Additionally, we attempt to build a network with social institution’s services," says dementia expert Stefanie Auer. Partners from the Security Academy of the Federal Ministry and Danube University Krems developed the online training "Einsatz Demenz" over several years. “Fonds Gesundes Österreich” and the “Versicherungsanstalt öffentlichen Bediensteter (BVA)” jointly funded the project.

The jury presented the eAward highlighting it as an "exemplary commitment of the executive in the field of dementia" and "one of the best projects in e-learning at present". In total 46 projects, divided into seven categories, were nominated, and the "Accessibility in IT" was honored with a special prize.

Rating "Dementia-friendly Services”
Furthermore, three other police departments in Salzburg were bestowed the title "Dementia-friendly departments" on 31 January. Generally the award is handed over when at least 70 percent of the department’s employees have completed the online tool and the department is part of a social institution’s network. Two police stations in Lehen and Taxham as well as the “Bildungszentrum Großgmain” were also bestowed the title. 6,768 police officers already completed the e-learning modules and received a certificate, and 130 offices nationwide in Austria fulfil the criteria in being a "dementia-friendly office".

Information about the award
The eAward is one of the largest IT business awards in Austria and has been presented each year since 2005. Up to now more than 1,300 projects have been nominated at 59 gala events in all federal states, 400 of which have received the honors. Topics and projects that show the technological change of our society, economy and administration in particular are pin-pointed. Partners of the eAward are: T-Systems, BearingPoint, MP2 IT-Solutions, Nagarro, Dimension Data, the Austrian Software Industry Association (VÖSI), Sparx Systems, the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the Digital Austria platform.


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