With the online video "the next thought" Danube University Krems makes a plea for science and further thinking in the context of current societal challenges. The path towards insight and progress finds its way into a timeless cinematic format in which both society and the individual are addressed alike. The film, the agency OBSCURA/the first cut is the deepest (tfcitd) produced,  is communicated as a campaign via all online channels of the university.

"At present, research institutions and universities also bear a certain responsibility. Particularly in regards to the current situation, it is important for us as an institution, alongside research and teaching, to assume a clear stance, to inspire, to encourage to think ahead, and to make a contribution to the visibility and significance of science," says Friedrich Faulhammer, Rector of Danube University Krems.

The 2-minute online film addresses tendencies, difficulties, complexity, and changes society faces and draws a contextual illustration of them in the fields of science, study, and research. The complex and not always easy path leading towards insight marks the pivotal metaphor of the film.

Incentive for individuals and society to think ahead

It is depicted in a figurative manner, regardless of respective challenges, questions or difficulties, that in science, society and as in the individual realm all revolves around the topic of thinking further per se and, strictly speaking, often around the one next thought. In the film, thinking and the next thought act as central surfaces to project progress on the level of society as a whole and that of the individual.

"We chose to use the timeless images of the film to highlight the importance of insight, continuing education and science, and to translate them into a new aesthetic, thereby to make them accessible to a broad public and help them shine in a more visible light. The claims which are both universal and equally topical, include university and social references perspectives to inspire and incite further thinking," says Stefan Sagl, Head of Communications, Marketing and PR. 

the next thought (2021)

The project was produced together with tfcitd (the first cut is the deepest), the film unit of the Vienna-based OBSCURA agency. Most of the footage was shot at Camus Krems. As a long-term campaign, the online video will be communicated on all online channels of the university and released at the start of the new semester, simultaneously with Danube University Krems' new programs of study published.


Please find the film and further information on #thenextThought here: www.donau-uni.ac.at/thenextThought

Pictures and screenshots


Contracting authority: Danube University Krems
Stefan Sagl Head of Communication, Marketing and PR
Production: tfcitd


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