It is hardly possible for non-lawyers to gain clarity about laws in force. The project "ManyLaws - EU-wide Legal Text Mining using Big Data Processing Infrastructures“ uses computer-assisted, comprehensible analyses to make Austria's and Greece's body of law accessible.

National legal systems can be made available and used online, and the project ManyLaws deals furthermore with questions of the necessary infrastructure. Applications range from simply exploring national legal systems and analyzing how European law requirements have been transposed into national law to complex inquiries, such as which legal norms apply to specific transactions in Austria and Greece.

Overview due to text mining

Internationalization and European integration are supported by the possibility of searching the legal stock of both countries in parallel. For this purpose, research activities in the fields of law, political science, and legal informatics are intertwined.

Text mining will make cross-connections, interactions, and conflicts within the legal corpora of Austria and Greece more discoverable and thus comprehensible. The knowledge obtained here is way of supporting public stakeholders in their decision-making processes. Together with key stakeholders from both the Greek and Austrian parliaments, the project was developed and evaluated in order to ensure a targeted development.

ManyLaws - EU-wide Legal Text Mining using Big Data Processing Infrastructures

Duration: 1.10.2018 - 31.3.2021

Funding body: European Commission

Funding Program: CEF Programme

Project responsibility on the part of the University for Continuing Education Krems: Shefali Virkar, Ph.D., Department for E-Governance and Administration, Center for E-Governance

Project Collaboration:

Assitant Professor Thomas Lampoltshammer

Anna-Sophie Novak

Bernhard Riedl

Lörinc Thurnay

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