The Living Danube Limes Winter School 2022 will take place online from 7th-11th February 2022. It will focus on developing cost-effective and efficient plans for the protection and, if necessary, evacuation of museums and archaeological sites in the event of natural disasters.

Presentations by international heritage experts from Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany will provide participants with interesting facts on topics such as threats to cultural heritage and risk assessment, UNESCO World Heritage Management Plans or climate change as a threat to our cultural heritage.

An evening lecture will conclude the theoretical part by discussing tools for cultural heritage protection, such as threat analysis and the use of WebGIS tools based on satellite data, which have been developed in another project of the Department of Building and Environment.

Theoretical input and practical application

Participants will work in groups under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dr Anna Kaiser (Center for Cultural Property Protection) and Stefano Bergonzini (NATO Centre for Stability Policing Vicenza). The Winter School is aimed at professionals in the field of cultural heritage protection, students and anyone interested in the protection of cultural property.

The Danube Limes as a common Cultural Heritage

'Living Danube Limes' builds on EU-funded predecessor projects such as 'Danube Limes Brand' and 'DANURB' to make the Danube Limes visible and tangible through as many interlinked and sustainable measures as possible - such as geophysical surveys, virtual reality reconstructions, museum cooperation, events and sustainable tourism concepts. As a world premiere, a Roman ship on the Danube will be reconstructed as it was in the 4th century AD. From the second half of 2022, it will cruise the Danube with an authentically equipped crew.

The Living Danube Limes project consortium comprises 19 academic, governmental and private project partners from ten countries. In addition, there are 27 associated strategic partners supporting the consortium in the fields of archaeology, archaeological research, technology, architecture, virtual reality, museum management, tourism management, heritage protection and living history. The project has a budget of € 3.2 million, runs from July 2020 to December 2022 and stretches from Germany to the Black Sea.


Living Danube Limes Winter School 2022

Date: 7th-11th February 2022
Location: online
Language: English
Participation in the Winter School is free of charge.

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