From October 2023, the Research Cluster "Counter-Terrorism, CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) and Intelligence" will be running a new continuing education study program that will deal scientifically with terrorism, extremism, prevention and intelligence gathering in a way that is unique in the German-speaking world. The master's program is not only aimed at personnel from the constitutional protection, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, but is open to all interested parties in the realms of administration, national defense, companies, research, NGOs or social professions within the DACH region in order to gain professionalism in this field.

Regardless of its ideological foundation, international terrorism is undergoing a permanent process of development. This is true both structurally and phenomenologically. Similar considerations apply to violent extremism, radicalization, and current approaches to prevention. More than that, is the scientifically underexplored field of intelligence research, in particular concerning counter-extremism and counter-terrorism. The continuing education study program "Counter-Terrorism, CVE & Intelligence" is designed to impart in-depth and comprehensive competencies in these specific subject areas at a top international level. The degree is a Master of Arts in Continuing Education, MA (CE).

Grasping terrorism in a scientific manner

The field of terrorism studies gives an overview of the current state of research and tried and tested approaches to terrorism research taken from the multi- and transdisciplinary perspectives of political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history, among others. This expertise is then applied to scientific analysis, strategy development, future management and scenario planning, as well as practical counter-terrorism and defense.

The provision of a synchronous overview of current research on the basis of recent theoretical approaches and the theory-based treatment and analysis of the latest forms of extremism enable a holistic understanding of the phenomenon of extremism in all its multidimensionality and complexity.

Intelligence professionalization

It is commonly understood that prevention is the best, because it is the most efficient, strategy for countering extremism and terrorism. Students will address the question of how the societal, political, social, economic and individual levels interact in the genesis of extremism and radicalization. A large part of the course will deal with the phenomenon of radicalization across ideological spectrums, as well as possibilities for prevention, undermining, and disengagement. Especially in the context of prevention, the linking of theory and practice is emphasized.

To fight terrorism, extremism and other phenomena relevant to the protection of the state, pro-active intelligence is aswell an integral part of the topic of prevention. For the first time, the Master's program offers intelligence training at the university level, in which practitioners and scientists teach the comprehensive process of collecting, analyzing and processing information. Besides legal basics and historical dimensions of the subject, intelligence methods and applications will be deepened.

Counter-Terrorism, CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) and Intelligence, MA (CE)

Start: October 2023 (subject to approval by the Senate)
Degree: Master of Arts (Continuing Education) – MA (CE)

Duration: 6 semesters/120 ECTS points (part-time)
Course fee: EUR 14,900
Language: German (used for examination)/English
Admission period: 4 July to 30 September 2023
Next info event online: 28 June 2023, 5:30pm


Dr. Nicolas Stockhammer

Scientific head and coordinator of the research cluster „Counter-Terrorism, CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) and Intelligence"

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