Entrepreneurship in Digital Health [EDITH] is a pan-European Master's degree programme co-funded by EIThealth. EIThealth is a part of EIT, which was established in 2008 to increase the EU’s ability to innovate and contribute to sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. It has pioneered the integration of education, research and innovation, and business creation (i.e. the ‘Knowledge Trian-gle’), with a strong emphasis on entrepreneurial talent and innovation skills . The Entrepreneurship Training and Education Call (EDITH), published by EIThealth in Februrary 2022, was, among other things, a response to the urgent need in the health market for digital solutions. And sees itself, among other things, as a contribution to the global strategy defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The Master of Science (CE) in “Entrepreneurship in Digital Health” (EDITH) is a newly designed pan-European program, aligned for improving / implementing digital health with a focus on entrepreneurship, digitization in healthcare and innovation in the context of a booming and leading European Digital Health market. The goal of this program is to contribute to creating a thriving Digital Health European ecosystem through the provision and dissemination of knowledge and expertise. The MSc (CE) EDITH Entrepreneurs is a complete immersion in the reality of entrepreneurship. Thanks to a customizable program and a practice-oriented pedagogical approach, students will develop the skills and personal qualities necessary to launch a successful entrepreneurial project and thrive in the dynamic world of start-ups. In partnership with 5 European universities, they will benefit from a quality education by assimilating the unique perspectives of a world-renowned business schools and engineering schools.


Duration 02/01/2023 - 30/12/2027
Funding EU

Department for Economy and Health

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Dr. Viktoriya Zipper-Weber


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