• Graduation


  • Learning format

    Blended learning

  • Duration

    1 day

  • Language

    German or English

"The members of the financial undertaking's management body shall actively maintain sufficient knowledge and skills, including by regularly attending specific training, in relation to the ICT risks to be managed, in order to understand and assess the ICT risks and their impact on the financial undertaking's business." (Art. 5 para. 4)
Regulation 2022/2554 is also explicitly aimed at the top management level of the financial companies concerned and their supply chains. It requires proven competencies and skills in relation to ICT and cyber risks as well as in other specialist areas. In addition, the management and control of further training and development measures at the subordinate levels of the organization is also required.
The seminar provides the necessary knowledge for managers in a condensed form and concludes with a university certificate.
Rolf von Rössing

Managers need individual training on ICT and cyber risks.

Rolf von Rössing

Seminar speaker

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  • practice-oriented

  • personal support

  • global/international perspective

  • Strategic oversight – DORA requirements and transition of national regulations
  • Self-reflection of own organisation and maturity levels, review of supply chains
  • Risk-based decisions with DORA, overview of lower level consequences (RTS, ITS documentation)
  • Development and definition of the target state and the learning path
  • Preparation and outlook on regulatory trends and supervisory reviews
  • Board of Directors, C-level directors and officers, non-executive directors, supervisory board members
  • Second tier of directors and officers for organisations directly covered by NIS2

The short course covers all work areas within DORA in line with prior knowledge and priorities of the individuals attending. Starting with the legal requirements, critical issues and risks will be treated in depth and transformed into a defined target state. Special situations and practical cases will be taken on board and addressed in a joint effort. The resulting target state will be documented for each work area:

  • Internal governance, risk and control framework
  • Technological resilience
  • Management cycle (Identification, protection and prevention, detection, response and recovery)
  • Learning and evolving
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Testing and exercising
  • Implementation of DORA in outsourcing and third party relationships, contractual framework, monitoring and control
  • Supervisory activity, audits, supervisory measures

This shourt course will be administered solely on an individual basis and within an agreed set of sessions on site and/or remotely.

Rolf von Roessing is a partner and CEO at FORFA Consulting AG, an international consultancy firm specialising in GRC, security and related disciplines. He brings 30 years of experience in governance, risk management and compliance; security and business continuity; and crisis management in a range of sectors, including banking and finance, insurance, wholesale and retail, automotive, and healthcare.

He has also been teaching as a senior lecturer in M. Sc. courses at Donau-Universität Krems since 2005, covering foundational IT subjects as well as advanced topics. In 2014, he was awarded honorary professorship.

He is a former International Vice President and Global Vice Chairman of ISACA (2009-2011; 2019-2021) Since 2021, Rolf has been lead developer within the core team developing the ISACA Digital Trust Ecosystem and Framework (DTEF).

From 2001 to 2008, Rolf was a member of the BCI Board of Directors, and Chairman of the Audit Committee from 2003 to 2008.

Rolf has published extensively on BCM, resilience and cyber topics since 2001. A list of works is available on scholar.google.com and academia.edu. He frequently provides contributions to leading journals and magazines such as Computer Weekly. In 2023, he was nominated as one of three worldwide ISACA Global Evangelists.

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