• Graduation

    Certificate of attendance

  • ECTS-Points


  • Learning format

    On campus

  • Duration

    5 days

  • Start

    10 June 2024

  • Costs

    € 2.000,- (5 Tage mit Teilnahmebestätigung) oder € 2.580,- (5,5 Tage und 9 ECTS bei positiver Absolvierung der Leistungsnachweise im Anschluss zur Simulationswoche)

  • Language


  • Study location

    Krems (AT)

This course is an advanced university course in the field of fire protection. It is aimed at all persons who wish to further their education in general and specific fire protection issues on the basis of scientific knowledge. The aim is to provide a compact overview of the currently existing methods of fire protection engineering.

Our academic seminar on fire and evacuation simulation offers a unique opportunity to learn the relevant techniques and tools in these crucial areas.

Monika Oswald

You are welcome to find detailed information about the program on the German website, as the language of instruction for this program is German, or you can contact us directly.

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Bettina Vock

Study Management - Teaching - Center for Infrastructural Security

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