"Stackable Program" is an attribute of short programs - Certified Programs (CPs) and Academic Expert Programs (AEPs). It refers to the fact that these short programs can be combined and lead to an academic degree (Master/Bachelor).

stackable program


Advantages of programs with the “Stackable Program” attribute

Study programs with the “Stackable Program” attribute allow working students the flexibility to upgrade their skills and tailor their academic progress to their personal needs, interests, and career goals. Short-term programs enable those interested in continuing education to update their knowledge and expand their skills on an individual and time-flexible basis.


Flexible continuing education

Overall, "Stackable Programs" allow students the flexibility to break up their continuing education program into smaller steps rather than completing the program all at once. This means that, in line with the concept of lifelong learning, students can start out with a single certificate that can later be combined with other short programs and credited towards a full bachelor's or master's degree without having to start the entire study path again.


Toward an academic degree (Master/Bachelor)

The "Stackable Program" concept supports lifelong learning, as these short programs can be integrated into any professional and adult life as a continuous part up to the final university degree (Master/Bachelor).


Admission requirements

The admission requirements can be found on the respective study pages.

Please check the legal requirements for the degree you wish to pursue. For example, if you want to earn a Bachelor's degree through a combination of short courses, you still need to have the general qualification for university entrance - with the exception of the Bachelor Professional. For a Master's degree, a completed Bachelor's degree is one of the admission requirements.

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