We congratulate Dr. Dino Pitoski on completing his PhD in Migration Studies at Danube University Krems. The focus of the dissertation was on network analysis on migration dynamics and factors in the EU.

"The Complex Network of Human Migration: Inputs for European Migration Policies" is the title of Dr. Dino Pitoski's dissertation.

The central starting point for this PhD project was what information is required to effectively manage migration. Based on the observation of the central role of network factors for migration dynamics, this PhD project  explores the potential of network analysis to generate such information.

Network analysis is one of the most comprehensive methods available for analysing and reporting on complex social phenomena, including human migration. Using tools of network science, one can expose characteristic network features, capture network parameters, predict future network behaviour, and shed light on potential migration factors that underlie these networks. Network Science has, however, not been extensively focused on migration. It is this research gap that the PhD project has sought to address. 

Thematically, the PhD project has focused on migration flows and underlying factors in the European Union.

Four scientific publications make the core of this dissertation:

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