In a special feature published in Forced Migration Review issue 68, researchers from the Transnational Figurations of Displacement (TRAFIG) research project examine the role of people’s mobility and agency in protracted displacement.

Through a number of case-studies from a range of countries, they explore how displaced persons’ mobility and their translocal networks can provide important resources in their search for durable solutions.

The five articles in this feature are available online in PDF and HTML formats in English, Arabic and French. The full issue of FMR in which this feature appears is also available in print in English, free of charge.

For further details, and to read the articles online, please click here.
The standalone PDF of this special feature is available online to read and/or print off here.


On December 14, 2021 at 15:00-16:30 CET a webinar will take place.

Webinar: #11: Revisiting protracted displacement – policies, mobility and agency
Launch of a Forced Migration Review special feature

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