Shaddin Almasri working paper has been published by ASILE.
The ASILE project studies the interactions between emerging international protection systems and the United Nations Global Compact for Refugees (UN GCR), with particular focus on the European Union’s role and contribution.

Read the working paper here.

Abstract of the paper
Exclusive Refuge: Origins, causes and impacts of exclusionary nationality-based targeting in refugee protection and aid

The article provides a recent historical overview on discriminations faced by refugees when seeking aid and protection, specifically those that relate to nationality and country of origin. It argues that discriminatory and differentiated practice is enshrined in the very origins of the refugee regime and continues to manifest in the selective and ad hoc nature of refugee policy in host states. The argument is situated within a broader discussion on the global refugee regime and critique of its asymmetrical bias towards state security interests. This is placed at tension with the tactics employed by recipient states, who navigate humanitarian and development aid agendas imposed on them by re- orienting aid in line with interests dictated by local political realities. The article introduces the concept of 'nationality-based aid, protection and inclusion'. The article concludes that the origins of the refugee regime laid the groundwork for much of the nationality distinctions seen in refugee policy today, and that while discrimination exists in host state support structures, these are re- enforced by institutionalized discrimination in funding and protection structures available for refugees today.

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