Sabrina Summer

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Kielbassa, A.M.; Summer, S.; Frank, W.; Lynch, E.; Batzer, J.S. (2024). Equivalence study of the resin-dentine interface of internal tunnel restorations when using an enamel infiltrant resin with ethanol-wet dentine bonding. Sci Rep, 14(1): 12444

Summer, S.; Kocsis, A.; Reihs, E.I.; Rothbauer, M.; Lonhus, K.; Stys, D.; Ertl, P.; Fischer, M.B. (2023). Automated analysis of mitochondrial dimensions in mesenchymal stem cells: Current methods and future perspectives. Heliyon, 9:

Summer, S.; Rossmanith, E.; Pasztorek, M.; Fiedler, C.; Gröger, M.; Rauscher, S.; Weber V. and Fischer, M.B. (2022). Mesenchymal stem cells support human vascular endothelial cells to form vascular sprouts in human platelet lysate-based matrices. PlosOne, 17(12): e0278895

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