Josef Neubauer


Josef Neubauer is a PhD student at the Department of Migration and Globalization at the University of Continuing Education Krems. His PhD project investigates Dynamics of adaptive migration aspirations in Nepal and beyond (DYNAMIGS). He further participates in the project Development implications of involuntary immobility in Africa

About the person

Josef Neubauer is a Doctoral researcher in Migration Studies at the Department for Migration and Globalisation. He is interested in the processes, dynamics, and drivers of migration, as well as their links to social transformations and development processes, globalisation, social inequality, and politics. Josef particularly focuses on the experiences and perspectives of migrants and people with migration aspirations. His work is mostly interdisciplinary and combines quantitative and qualitative methods. Josef has a geographical focus on South Asia and West Africa. 

Josef studied International Development Studies (MSc) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Migration and Global Development (MA) at the University of Sussex, and Political Science and Music Education (BA) at the University of Bremen. Josef is also part of the Teaching Immigration in European Schools (TIES) project, which uses innovative learning modules to bring academic insights on migration into European classrooms. 

His specific research interests include: 

  • Migration aspirations and decision-making processes 

  • Migration and development 

  • Globalisation 

  • International politics 

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Running projects

Dynamics of adaptive migration aspirations in Nepal and beyond

Duration: 01/11/2023–30/10/2026
Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems): Josef Neubauer
Funding: Bundesländer (inkl. deren Stiftungen und Einrichtungen)

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Neubauer, J. (2024). Envisioning futures at new destinations: geographical imaginaries and migration aspirations of Nepali migrants moving to Malta. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 0(0): 1-20

Neubauer, J. (2024). Book Review: Mobility Economies in Europe's Borderlands. International Migration Review, 0(0): 1-3

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

An Emerging Middle Tier of Destinations? The Implications of New Labour Migration Corridors to Eastern and Southern Europe for Stratified Migration Opportunities in Nepal

20th Annual IMISCOE Conference: Migration and inequalities: In search of answers and solutions, 04/07/2023

Towards greener pastures? Making (first) sense of the increasing labour migration from South Asia to South/East Europe

SALAM Conference on Labour Migration and Sustainable Development in Asia: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward, 01/06/2023

'What is Malta?' How Nepali workers access information and build knowledge about a new migration destination

CESLAM Kathmandu Migration Conference 2023, 15/02/2023

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