As of 1 December 2020, Dr. Markus Fallenböck, LL.M. is taking over the management of the division Finance and Human Resources at Danube University Krems. In the recent years, Rector Friedrich Faulhammer has headed this division personally. By appointing this managerial position, these areas of responsibility are strengthened in terms of personell, in order to pursue the university's strategic goals even more intensively in the years to come.

In the future, Danube University Krems intends to play an even greater role in furthering the development of academic continuing education in Austria.
In this context, recruitment and human resources development are of great importance and will be a central focus of Markus Fallenböck. This also includes developing specific career measures for the academic and non-academic university staff. Digitization in the area of finance and human ressources is a further focus according to the key strategy Stronger Consideration of Digital Transformation Processes of Danube University Krems.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Markus Fallenböck, LL.M. has been dealing with the legal and economic implementation of digital transformation. Since January 2019, he was managing partner of Fintech Own360, whose co-owner he will remain. Originally from Graz, he was born in 1973 and studied law at the University of Graz and Yale Law School. After holding positions as an assistant at the University of Graz and at McKinsey, he was in the management of the innovation center EVOLARIS in 2001. As from 2006, Markus Fallenböck worked in the media sector, in which his activities focused on digital redesign in the reader and advertising market. Initially he was authorized representative and head of sales of Styria Multi Media (Styria Media Group's magazine holding), from 2011-2014 he was managing director of Iventa, the Human Management Group, the largest recruitment ad agency in Austria. From 2014 to 2018, he was responsible as Managing Director of VGN Medien Holding for retail, subscription and wholesale of all magazines and e-papers as well as all CRM activities of VGN and the departments IT and media production. As author and editor, Markus Fallenböck has written 5 books and more than 50 scientific articles on IT and technology law. He regularly holds lectures on these topics at universities and universities of applied sciences.

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