In the course of the Erasmus+ research project "Create Digital Games for Education", an international online conference will take place on 24 June 2020, in which projects from different countries in Europe will be presented and the theme Games in Education will be explored from different perspectives.

The Center for Applied Game Studies organized the online conference, where experts from France, Sweden, Germany and Austria will give insights in their presentations into their projects and key results. Afterwards they will answer the questions of the participants in an open panel.

The research project "Create Digital Games for Education" is the source from which the conference originates from, and will be presented in her introductory lecture by Natalie Denk, Head of the Center for Applied Game Studies at the Department for Arts and Cultural Studies. In his contribution, George Kalmpourtzis (Infinitivity Design Labs, France) will discuss how games can help students to improve their mathematics skills. Learning with "Mixed Reality Gaming" is the topic of Katharina Tillmanns (Cologne Game Lab of TH Köln) and Jonas Linderoth (University of Skövde, Sweden) focuses on the role of educators in Serious Game development. 

The project "Create Digital Games for Education”

Game Creator is a result of the Erasmus+ research project "Create Digital Games for Education". It provides teachers and students alike with a low-threshold introduction to the creation of games that deal with various educational content. In order to anchor a certain didactic design, the basic game mechanics are given. This places decisions and their effects in the foreground, which should encourage a reflective examination of the topic.

The project is being implemented with the project partners MITA – Malta Information Technology Agency, Science Centre Malta (Department of Curriculum Management), the Center for Applied Game Studies (Danube University Krems), Research and Innovation Management GmbH, Université du Luxembourg and the German development studio waza! UG.

The current beta version of the Game Creator is available via wazagames.com/cdg4e.


Spotlights on Educational Game Design in Europe

Date: 24 June 2020

Start: 18:00-20:30 GMT

Language: English

Organizer: The event is organized by the Center for Applied Game Studies in cooperation with SUBOTRON, the Association for the Promotion of Electronic Game Culture.

Attending the online conference is free of charge; registration is not required.

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