The Department for Legal Studies and International Relations at the University for Continuing Education Krems is launching the new bilingual course "European and International Business Law, LL.M.", starting in October 2021. The three semester program completes with 60 ECTS points, begins in October 2021, and is especially suitable for part-time students due to its innovative teaching formats.

"The everyday life of a law firm is bilingual – and so is 'European and International Business Law, LL.M.', the new continuing education course ", says Prof Thomas Ratka, who is convinced of the new format. Moreover, the course not only focuses on European and international business law, but also prepares its students to confidently use English juridical terminology when dealing with clients. Often, continuing education courses are only held either in German or English, but this does not correspond to the (bilingual) reality of the legal profession. Therefore, the courses are held in a ratio of 60:40 in German and English.

Another special feature: U.S. business law is also dealt with comprehensively, as it is of great importance in practice: "In international contracts as well as in transactions in the Anglo-American area, U.S. law dominates. The U.S. is Europe's most important trading partner, which means that business relations are very close. However, due to the very broad jurisdiction of U.S. courts, one can also be confronted with U.S. law and U.S. courts relatively quickly and involuntarily," says Robin Lumsden, partner at Lumsden and Partners Attorneys at Law, admitted to the bar in New York, Washington D.C. and Austria, and lecturer of the new course.

The course's relatively high degree of feasibility is a further asset: The on-campus courses are fully transmitted electronically to the student's home, allowing maximum flexibility for part-time study. Thus, students can attend the courses either in person on- campus or live via computer at home. In addition, individual modules are held as "blended learning units". Finally, the new course "European and International Business Law, LL.M." also appeals due to its career-starting admission fee of € 7,900 and its tax deductibility if the legal requirements are met.

European and International Business Law, LL.M

Start:                         October 2021
Duration:                   3 semester, modular structured (60 ECTS points)
Admission fee:         EUR 7,900
Language:                 German and English
Organizer:                 Department for Legal Studies and International Relations

Further information and contact either online www.donau-uni.ac.at/eiwr or by e-mail eiwr@donau-uni.ac.at

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