The Department for Legal Studies and International Relations dedicates its work to practice-relevant topics of business law including their international dimension  and offers courses covering a wide range of the legal spectrum.

Numerous leading textbooks and influential literature, including the renowned "Wiener Kommentare" (Viennese commentaries) published by the MANZ publishing house on the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB), the Limited Liability Company Act (GmbHG) and the Banking Act (BWG), are co-published and co-authored by the Department.

Furthermore, the Department’s research results are published in renowned scientific journals and are disseminated to expert and professional communities via talks given by the department’s conferences.
In addition to this, scientific results are also disseminated in the course of national and international lectures held by the Department's scientists.

Head: Univ.-Prof. DDr. Thomas Ratka, LL.M. LL.M.


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