For his achievements in the engineering sciences, Prof. Christian Hanus, Scientific Director of the Research Lab Sustainable Cultural Heritage at the University for Continuing Education Krems has been accepted as a full member of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic.

The Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EACR) was established in 1995; its parent organization is the Czech Academy of Sciences. The main activities of the EACR include research and development in the field of engineering, technology, innovation, technical education and international cooperation in accordance with the rules of the European Union's Community framework. This also includes the promotion and application of new technical solutions and knowledge in engineering practice as well as the improvement of education in the technical sciences. The EACR is also involved in the implementation and evaluation of engineering projects and in popularizing the role of technical education, technology and technological innovation in society. The EACR is actively engaged in the activities of the international non-governmental organizations of engineering academies CAETS (International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) and Euro-CASE (European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering). Full members of the EACR are entitled by decree to use the title "FEng." (Fellow of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic) after their name.

About the person

The scientific activities of Professor Hanus include the analytical study of the ecological and economic characteristics of historical buildings over long periods of time. He also researches the complex reconstruction of destroyed historical settlements. In this context, he coordinates the teaching and research activities of the reconstruction school in the earthquake-damaged town of Accumoli in central Italy.

Another focus is the conservation and development of World Heritage sites using interdisciplinary methodological approaches, and specific teaching activities are carried out as part of the "Scola Telcz" in cooperation with several scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more than ten years he has been responsible for the scientific development of "The European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards Archive" as well as for supporting Europa Nostra Association in its professional and scientific activities in the field of preservation and use of the European architectural heritage. "With the admission to the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic, I see not only a recognition of the scientific work, which fills me with gratitude and joy," says Hanus, "but also a great opportunity for further development and dissemination through this institution."


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