According to § 99 UG 2002 (Universities Act 2002), Julia Mourão Permoser has been appointed as University Professor for Migration and Integration with effect of 1 September 2023. She researches the connections and interactions between politics, ethics and migration in the Department of Migration and Globalisation at the Faculty of Business and Globalisation.

Julia Mourão Permoser is a recognized expert in the political science field of migration, religion, culture and politics. She has published numerous articles on migration and integration policy issues. Between 2010 and 2023, she acquired and managed five third-party funded research projects in this field. She is currently responsible for the research project "Migration as Morality Politics", which is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The project examines the moral dimension of migration politics and thus links migration research with the literature on moral politics. The project will develop a new analytical approach to the study of migration that takes into account the role of values as a source of normative disagreement and as constitutive of the preferences and motivations of political actors.

Dilemmas of migration policy

Mourão Permoser is also coordinating the research project "Ethical Dilemmas of Migration Policy", which is based at the European University Institute in Florence, together with three other colleagues. Among other things, the project focuses on the dilemmas that arise when political actors have to balance the tension between humanitarian protection and border control in sea rescue operations. "What dilemmas are there from the perspective of the actors involved? How do they experience such value-based conflicts and what approaches do they develop to deal with them? And finally, what analyses and solutions can we as researchers offer that, if not completely resolve such dilemmas, at least make them a little easier to manage?" says Mourão Permoser, describing the project's underlying intention in a recent interview.

Broad research spectrum

In addition to migration and integration policies, Mourão Permoser's research focuses on human rights and related processes of democratic inclusion and exclusion in religiously, ethnically and culturally plural societal contexts. She also studies issues of multi-level governance, international and transnational politics, protest movements and civil society engagement in the context of migration, amongst other things in connection with the ethical dilemmas of migration politics.

About the person

Julia Mourão Permoser received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Vienna after completing her Master's degree in International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and her Bachelor's degree in International Relations at Georgetown University. Born and raised in Brazil, she attended high school in Rio de Janeiro.

Her previous professional positions include a guest professorship in Political Science at the University of Vienna (2022/23) as well as research fellowships at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Innsbruck (2017-23), at the interdisciplinary Research Centre “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society” at the University of Vienna (2013-15) and at the Institute for European Studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2012/13).

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