Development of adsorbents for the supportive therapy of sepsis and multi-organ failure


The project deals with the development and characterization of adsorbent microparticels for the supporting therapy of sepsis and multi organ failure


Duration 01/01/2011 - 31/12/2013
Funding Bundesländer (inkl. deren Stiftungen und Einrichtungen)
Program Technologieförderung NÖ

Department for Biomedical Research

Center for Biomedical Technology

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Viktoria Weber


Cantaluppi, V.; Weber, V.; Lauritano, C.; Figliolini, F.; Beltramo, S.; Biancone, L.; De Cal, M.; Cruz, D.; Ronco, C.; Segoloni, G.P.; Tetta, C.; Camussi, G. (2010). Protective effect of resin adsorption on septic plasma-induced tubular injury. Critical Care 14(1), R4

Weber, V.; Ettenauer, M.; Linsberger, I.; Loth, F.; Thümmler, K.; Feldner, A.; Fischer, S.; Falkenhagen, D. (2010). Functionalization and Application of Cellulose Microparticles as Adsorbents for Extracorporeal Blood Purification. Macromolecular Symposia, 294(2): 90-95

Falkenhagen, D.; Hartmann, J.; Weber, V. (2009). Sorptionsmittel zum Entfernen proteingebundener Substanzen. Österreichische Patentanmeldung A 112/2009 (AT 507847)

Falkenhagen, D.; Weber, V. (2009). Sorptionsmittel für Endotoxine. Österreichische Patentanmeldung A 111/2009 (AT 507846)


Current extracorporeal therapy approaches for sepsis and their usefulness in liver failure

One Day on the Liver, 09/05/2012

Synthesis of Magnetic Cellulose Microparticles as Markers in Extracorporeal Blood Purification

XXXVII ESAO Congress Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 8.-11.09.2010 (Poster presentation), 08/09/2010

Magnetic Cellulose Microparticles as Markers in Extracorporeal Blood Purification

8th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers (Rostock, 25.-29.6.2010, Oral Presentation, 25/06/2010

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