This grant will evolve a cutting edge scientific online tool (AT.MAR) helping to overcome the problematic isolationbs of media art research from art historic online archives and support a profound theoretical analysis of the current image revolution. The proposed project seeks to contribute to a better understanding, wider accessibility and systematic integration of media art in our scientific systems and cultural institutions. By developing a bridge-building meta-thesaurus between traditional/historical art and media art, for the first time large-scale research from the Renaissance until today will be possible. The steps to reach this goal are: a.) Developing of an innovative meta-thesaurus and connect as test bed the largest online archive of media art documentation (DVA) with a unique art historical online archive (GSSG), b.) Implementing web 2.0 strategies to promote collaborations and offer an interactive and collective research tool for the humanities. Although there is an increasing interest in media art with numerous exhibitions, festivals and conferences, it still lacks adequate documentation and preservation strategies as recently expressed in an international declaration, signed by more than 400 scholars and leading artitst to date, and has not arrived in our societies, museums and educational institutions. As media art depends entirely on digital storage methods, which are in a constant state of change and development, many artworks can no longer be exhibited and we will soon face the loss of an important art form from the earliest times of our post-industrial digital societies. Historically, most documentation projects developed keyword systems apart from art historical databases, which resulted in an increase of the dramatic isolation of media art from our larger cultural heritage. To provide a remedy for this separation of media art, a common context is needed to enable research within a larger historical framework. Given the unique potential of linking the DVA (most complex ongoing scientific archive of media art) with the GSSG (largest collection of Renaissance and Baroque prints in Austria) through the proposed development of an innovative research tool based on a specially developed meta-thesaurus, which can be used for other archives too, sub-history of recent decades of media art and the “Nachleben” of historic art and media forms can be analyzed for the first time systematically. Further web 2.0 strategies with user oriented applications and a bottom-up structure will be incorporated into the database, enabling collective scientific exchange between artists, engineers, researchers and the public to foster interdisciplinary and global collaborative analysis and a proactive process of knowledge transfer. A scientific research platform like the proposed “Interactive Archive and Meta-Thesaurus for Media Art Research (AT.MAR)” is essential for the future of media art research within image science and would be an imperative breakthrough for the digital humanities.


Duration 01/02/2013 - 30/04/2016
Funding FWF
Program FWF

Department for Arts and Cultural Studies

Center for Image Science

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Univ.-Prof. Dr.habil. Oliver Grau, M.A.
Project members
Mag. Janina Hoth


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Documenting Media Art and beyond. Challenges and Opportunities of Online Exhibitions

EVA Conference Berlin, 11/11/2016

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