Goal of the project ASHMOSD–II is the development and validation of a prototype of a transportable online damage detection system (Structural Health Monitoring System) for aircraft structures made of composites based on the results achieved within the current ongoing FFG project ASHMOSD – I. The selected technique based on the results of ASHMOSD–I is a hybrid active ultrasonic Phased Array SHM System that generates an ultrasonic beam by means of an Array of Piezo-Actuators and detects the reflections from possible defects by an array of Fiber Optic Sensors. A lab based system has been setup, successfully tested on subcomponents and will currently verified on an A-340 spoiler. ** This project is co-funded by FFG within the Takeoff programme.


Duration 01/04/2011 - 30/09/2013
Program Takeoff
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