Book deacidification, mechanical strength enhancement and prevention of microbiological attack with supercritical CO2 or volatile organic solvents in combination with multifunctional Hydrophobically modified nanoparticles and functional silans. DEACIMIC


The project DEACIMIC targets the preservation of archive materials combating its acidity, deterioration of mechanical properties and microbial degradation using the latest developments in cellulose chemistry and nanotechnology. It will develop a new paper deacidification process combining the best currently available concepts with knowledge in supercritical fluid/volatile organics solvent reactions and nanotechnology. The process will be transferredfrom the laboratory to the pilot scale, including construction of a process device and process optimization. The knowledge gained in DEACIMIC will overcome the currently existing gap in the Austrian book preservation field and substancially strengthen the position of the involved Austrian SMEs on the European market.


Duration 01/11/2012 - 31/01/2015
Funding FFG
Program Coin

Department for Arts and Cultural Sciences

Archives of Contemporary Arts Collection of Literary Estates

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Dr. Eva Maria Stöckler
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