Over 1,000 pages, the CyBOK Knowledge Base and Supplementary Guides (CyBOK) are distributed as PDF, a medium inherently tailored for print rather than browser-based accessibility. The CyBOK Wiki project is a feasability study of a browser-based CyBOK resource, performed by creating a data conversion software prototype. In this, we attempt to convert Knowledge Areas 3, 7, and 10 and their subsections to Wiki articles, retaining basic formatting, references, and illustrations. The goal of the study is to explore and describe the opportunities, limitations, and technical challenges of a sustainable automated software solution that segments, converts, and publishes CyBOK’s La-TeX source code to a Wiki system. The study delivers the source code of the prototype, an executive summary and a technical description of the study’s findings, its recommendations for CyBOK Wiki implementation, and possibly recommendations for adjustments to CyBOK LaTeX code standards to this end. The project is concluded by a presentation of the above, as well as the use of the software prototype.


Duration 01/01/2024 - 31/05/2024
Funding Sonstige

Department for E-Governance and Administration

Center for E-Governance

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Lörinc Thurnay, MSc
Project website
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