The Department for E-Governance and Administration conducts research and teaches on the effects of digital and social change on strategy, organization and processes. The department's main areas of focus are e-government e-governance, digital participation and cooperation models, information security to raise awareness of changing socio-technical and legal governance structures, and security research -  in particular cyber security and security management.

Close cooperation with the students’ and their work environments ensures the transfer of current issues from practice to science. The corresponding research results are in turn transmitted to society via teaching and the students of the department.


“Our passion is to bridge teaching, research and practice  for an open-minded digital society!“

Peter Parycek
Andrea Reischer

"Digitization changes everything, so companies and organizations have to rethink and redesign their processes, value chains and the interaction between partners. Our university programs provide students the necessary analysis and design skills."

Head of Department: Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Parycek, MAS MSc



Walter Seböck
Andrea Reischer

“The concept of security is as diverse as society itself. Globalised forms of work and economy, terror, migration movements and digitalisation are changing the accustomed structure, creating new conditions and causing insecurity. The solution to these challenges can only succeed through trust and thus ultimately through constructive dialogue.”

Deputy Head of Department: Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Walter Seböck, MAS MSc MBA

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