Developments in information technology are fundamentally changing the traditional structures of work, life and communication; this is associated with new framework conditions for state, economy and society. In order to be able to operate successfully within these new framework conditions, business and administration will increasingly require intercultural management qualifications and technological skills in addition to traditional qualifications.

The Department for E-Governance and Administration offers a variety of university programs and certifications to enable graduates to apply practice-based content and scientifically sound methods for the goal-oriented use of information and communication technologies and for holistic management.

Important information for prospective students

The reform package for continuing education in higher education standardizes the framework conditions for continuing education studies in Austria and adapts them to the Bologna structure (Bachelor - Master - PhD). Therefore, the admission requirements for master's programs are changing.


The present requirements for students to enroll in a part-time master's program remain in effect until 30 September 2023.                                                 

Students of the previous master's programs can complete the university program within three times the duration of study specified in the curriculum (calculated from 1.10.2023) or within the maximum duration of study specified in the curriculum, if applicable. 

However, this only applies to master's programs; the admission requirements for study programs completing with the degree "Academic Expert" or "Certified Program" do not change. 

Please visit our Information about the reform of academic continuing education for more information on the continuing education reform.


Master's program Start Application deadline
Security and Safety Management (MSc) 21. Mai 2023 bis 4 Wochen vor Lehrgangsstart 
Management und Organisation (MSc) 22. Mai 2023 bis 4 Wochen vor Lehrgangsstart 
Fire Safety Management (MSc) 04. September 2023 30. Juni 2023
Professional MSc Management und IT 08. November 2023 31. August 2023


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