• Graduation

    Master of Arts (Continuing Education) - MA (CE)

  • ECTS-Points


  • Learning format

    Blended learning

  • Duration

    6 semesters, part time

  • Start

    Winter semester 2024/25

  • Costs

    EUR 14.900,--

  • Admission requirements

    Bachelor's degree and professional experience

  • Language

    German or English

International terrorism is constantly evolving. Both structurally and phenomenologically. The same applies to violent extremism, radicalization and current prevention approaches. Furthermore, the field of intelligence research in the context of counter-extremism and counter-terrorism is still largely unexplored in German-speaking countries.
The innovative continuing education program "Counter-Terrorism, CVE & Intelligence" aims to impart comprehensive skills at a top international level. The aim is to produce academically adept experts and to ensure individual professional development. Graduates expand (inter)national networks of experts and use their specialist knowledge to contribute to an even more efficient and effective prevention of extremism, counter-terrorism and its implementation in terms of state security and intelligence services.

You are welcome to find detailed information about the program on the German website, as the language of instruction for this program is German, or you can contact us directly.


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