• Graduation

    Master of Business Administration - MBA

  • ECTS-Points


  • Learning format

    Blended learning

  • Duration

    4 semesters, part time

  • Costs

    EUR 16.900,--

  • Admission requirements

    Bachelor's degree and professional experience

  • Language


At the latest with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organizations are required to act economically, ecologically and socially. The EU's Green Deal aims to transform Europe into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, and is therefore a major challenge for businesses. This course supports students in meeting these challenges and equips them with the necessary skills. Topics such as circular economy or sustainable reporting are as much a part of this course as the complexity of making decisions that meet the requirements of sustainability. To promote a holistic understanding, these topics are embedded in a systemic analysis that illustrates organizational, cross-sectoral and societal contexts and impacts.

To remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment while acting responsibly, we need to think long-term and make decisions today that take into account ourselves, the planet we live on and future generations.

Romana Bates

You are welcome to find detailed information about the program on the German website, as the language of instruction for this program is German, or you can contact us directly.

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The international university course is accredited by ACBSP.
Furthermore the Danube Business School is a member of the PRME initiative launched by the United Nations.

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