• Students get to know the course management team and the infrastructure and processes relevant for their studies.
  • Students can make use of the University’s infrastructure
  • Students can recognise scientific literature and can utilise it with the help of a citation software.
  • Students are aware of the requirements for essays and final papers.


Mag. Friedrich Altenburg, MSc, Mag. Dr. Lydia Rössl


  • Systems in use at Danube University Krems (Digi-Bib, Moodle, DUK-online)
  • Organisation of the modular system
  • Framework and flexibility in the curricula
  • Diversity and team buildung
  • Literature und citation software
Graduation Certificate of performance
Learning formats Blended learning (COVID-19 Info)
ECTS points 2
Participation fee EUR 950.00
16/11/2023 - 17/11/2023
Language German