Exhibitions exist in an environment transformed by the digital age. Exhibition development today must answer the contemporary audience’s expectations to combine haptic and digital engagement, as well as opportunity for interactive and participative knowledge construction. This module focuses on the conceptual development of multi-media interpretive techniques as well as deeper examination of exhibition project organization most commonly used in creative and cultural projects.

Anticipated future module title:
Media Convergence and Diversity for Contemporary Exhibitions in the Post-Digital Age
(Curricula change currently in preparation)


~ Types of interpretation and exhibiting - scientific / artistic / commercial exhibitions .
~ Types of mediation and their multiple media forms specifics for virtual, permanent or traveling exhibitions
~ Examining participative methods and rationale for audience engagement and co-creation
~ Image & text design for various media applications
~ Case studies of outstanding projects by international lecturers

Graduation Certificate of attendance
Format Blended learning
ECTS points 4
Modul 2
23/08/2021 - 27/08/2021
Language German or English