For the past three years, the Transnational Figurations of Displacement (TRAFIG) project has investigated long-lasting displacement situations in Africa, Asia and Europe and analysed options to improve displaced peoples’ lives by enhancing their chances of building sustainable futures.

Undertaking more than 2,700 interviews with displaced people, policymakers and practitioners in 11 countries, TRAFIG has studied the reasons why people end up in protracted displacement situations and what coping strategies they use, identifying possible courses of action for policymakers and solutions that are better tailored to the needs and capacities of displaced persons.

As we approach the conclusion of the project, the TRAFIG team is pleased to invite you to the final conference, where our researchers will share what they learned, and representatives from refugee communities, academia, and the policy world will contribute their insights on how more displaced people can access more and better solutions.

To learn more about the project outputs, as well as conference’s programme and speakers, please visit www.trafig.eu.

Trafig Final Conference

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