Duration 01/01/2021 - 31/03/2024
Funding EU
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Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Assistenz Prof. Mag. Dr. Albert Kraler
Project members Mag. Dr. Anna Faustmann Adriana Harm, M. Mag. Tamara Kerschbaumer Mag. Hakan Kilic Mag. Mag. Isabella Skrivanek
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Kilic, H.; Kerschbaumer, T.; Skrivanek, I.; Kraler, A.; Khoury, C.; Faustmann, A. (2023). Social relations, individual attitudes and migrant integration experiences in small and medium-sized towns and rural areas in Austria. Country report on policy outcomes. Collegio Carlo Alberto, Whole-COMM Country Reports on Integration., Turino

Skrivanek, I.; Kerschbaumer, I.; Kilic, H.; Kraler, A. (2022). Immigrant integration in small and mediumsized towns and rural areas: local policies and policymaking relations in Austria. Country Reports on multilevel dynamics. Collegio Carlo Alberto

Skrivanek, I.; Kerschbaumer, T.; Kilic, H.; Kraler, A. (2022). Post-2014 migrants' access to housing, employment and other crucial resources in small- and medium-sized towns and rural areas in Austria. Country Reports on integration. Collegio Carlo Alberto


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