Cultural Property Protection - a subject of national and international importance that has grown exponentially in recent years. At the Center for Cultural Property Protection, we take a very broad, holistic approach to the topic of cultural property protection, which also includes the prevention from natural disasters and the day-to-day preservation of monuments.

With the lecture series 'Spotlight Cultural Property Protection', we regularly invite national and international experts from science and practice to present current topics in the field of cultural property protection from different perspectives and fields, and to discuss them with the audience. So far, we have been able to welcome interested parties to lectures on the detection of looted cultural property, the relocation of objects threatened by flooding, the rescue of cultural property in earthquake zones, Vienna's Gründerzeit buildings, the Roman Danube Limes, the protection of artworks in times of war, and much more.

The aim of the lecture series is to raise awareness of cultural property protection issues among students and the general public. In addition to extensive research projects and a wide-ranging continuing education program, the Center is strengthening the position of cultural property protection in research and knowledge transfer.


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