Our study & continuing education programs are currently under review. Up-to-date information will follow shortly and will be added to on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Extraordinary Learning

In our continuing education programs, we take an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to the various issues related to the protection of cultural property. We focus on current hazards and threats to our cultural heritage (whether man-made or natural). Our aim is to equip heritage professionals and emergency services with today's technology and knowledge for tomorrow's challenges and to make them future-proof.

We offer flexible and part-time study & continuing education programs that can be studied alongside work commitments to acquire specialist knowledge and skills in the field of national and international cultural property protection. In addition to providing the theoretical foundations, a high level of practical relevance is ensured.


Study & Continuing Education Program

In addition to the Master's Program "Cultural Property Protection" (Master of Science Continuing Education - MSc (CE)), the Center for Cultural Property Protection also offers a number of shorter continuing education programs such as Micro-Credential Programs (MCP) and Certificate Programs (CP). Successful completion of these programs results in the award of a certificate.
Some of these continuing education programs are part of the Stackable Program, which allows them to be flexibly combined into the academic Master's Degree in "Cultural Property Protection".

In addition, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular continuing education programs on various topics related to the protection of cultural property.

Following the amendment of the Universities Act 2021, continuing education studies in Austria have been standardised, adapted to the Bologna structure and an equivalence of academic degrees between regular and continuing education studies has been created.
Academic degrees from continuing education studies are given the suffix "(CE)" for "Continuing Education".


With the Stackable Program, continuing education programs can be flexibly combined into an academic degree. As a result, our continuing education programs will meet the needs of our students for even more flexibility in terms of time and finances.

Information about the Admission Requirements




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
to contact us personally!

Our continuing education programs are aimed at anyone interested in the protection of cultural property. The exact admission requirements and any language skills required may vary depending on the continuing education program. Please refer to the respective program pages for information on the specific requirements.

In general, all continuing education programs at the Center for Cultural Property Protection that are labelled "Stackable Program", can be credited towards the Master's degree in "Cultural Property Protection" (provided you meet the admission requirements for the Master's degree program).



Continuing Education Master's Program

The continuing education master's program "Cultural Property Protection" is currently under review. Please contact us directly for further information and we will keep you updated on important dates and changes.

You will obtain your Master's degree "Cutural Property Protection" as part of our stackable program, in which different continuing education programs (certificate programs, micro-credential programs) are individually combined. You will need to complete a total of 120 ECTS credits in compulsory modules in Cultural Property Protection and elective modules (also from other academic disciplines).

Cultural Property Protection, MSc (CE)

Plan flexibly and individually:

Would you like to continue your personal education now and decide later whether to take part in our Master's program?

All continuing education programs offered by the Center for Cultural Property Protection in the Stackable Program can also be combined into a Master's degree in "Cultural Property Protection" at a later date.
The crediting of continuing education programs from other academic disciplines is currently being evaluated. Please note the admission requirements for the Master's program.





Certificate Programs

Our Certificate Programs (CPs) (24 ECTS) each are made up of 4 respectively 3 modules, and last 2 semesters. Each CP examines Cultural Property Protection from a different perspective and, when taken together, provide a holistic view of the topic and thus form the basis of the stackable Master's Program "Cultural Property Protection". The CPs are not sequential and can be taken in any order.

Cultural Property Protection and Disaster Response, CP

You will immerse yourself in the international network of the European Security and Defence College and analyse current conflicts with experts in International Law. You will lead and communicate in stressful situations and protect cultural property in a major international emergency as part of a simulation exercise.
On completion of the CP, you will be able to support emergency response organisations worldwide in managing major incidents as a specialist in Cultural Property Protection.


Emergency Planning in Cultural Property Protection, CP

You will analyse threats and risks to museums, archives and libraries. You will know how to handle cultural artefacts made of different materials, prioritise objects for treatment and assess the stability of buildings. You will draw up emergency plans for movable art treasures and put them to the test with local emergency services.
On completion of the CP, you will be able to take the lead in drawing up emergency plans for cultural institutions, focusing on movable cultural property, and practising them with the emergency services.


As part of the Stackable Program, the CPs can subsequently be combined with other continuing education programs into the 120 ECTS Master's Degree "Cultural Property Protection". Both CPs are compulsory modules of the Cultural Property Protection, MSc (CE).





Micro-Credential Programs

Our Micro-Credential Programs (MCPs) can be attended as stand-alone, compact continuing education programs. Some MCPs are only accessible to those who have completed our Certificate Programs or have appropriate prior knowledge or language skills. A number of our MCPs are part of the Stackable Program and can be credited to the Master's Program Cultural Property Protection, MSc (CE).

The portfolio of MCPs is constantly being expanded and updated.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.






Extra-curricular Continuing Education Programs

In addition to our curricular study & continuing education programs, we offer extra-curricular seminars, cultural property protection exercises, online courses and extraordinary short programs.
For the latest information and upcoming events, please visit our News & Events page and follow us on our social media channels.



ESDC - Cultural Property Protection Course

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) is a network of international institutes and institutions for education and training in the field of the Common Security and Defence Policy with the aim of providing strategic training for civilian and military personnel at EU level.

Since 2022, we have been part of this network with the "Cultural Property Protection Course", offering our participants a special opportunity to raise awareness of the need to protect our cultural heritage in cooperation with international experts, the military, police, customs and international organisations.

Also part of the following study & continuing education programs:
Cultural Property Protection and Disaster Response (CP) 
International Cultural Property Protection (MCP)



CHePiCC online - MOOC

The CHePiCC online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an innovative (independent in time and place) learning program developed as part of the CHePiCC online research project. This online course brings together leading experts from different disciplines to discuss the risks and challenges that cultural heritage faces due to climate change and related natural disasters, and to present measures that can be taken to protect our cultural heritage. Recent interdisciplinary research will be presented to promote understanding of the importance, shared values and identity of cultural heritage. Experts from fields such as cultural property protection, cultural landscapes, climatology and climate change, structural engineering, material handling, preparedness measures, heritage sciences, conservation and restoration will share their knowledge in short video lessons.

Also part of the following study & continuing education programs:
CHePiCC online (MCP)



More Online Courses

Our online courses are available to anyone who registers on the iMooX platform and are free of charge. They can be taken at any time and from any place with an Internet connection, and can be completed at an individual pace with no access or admission restrictions. Their integrative, modular and transdisciplinary structure allows them to be integrated into existing university curricula and requires no prior knowledge.



Summer & Winter Schools

As part of our projects, we organise international and interdisciplinary module weeks at the Center for Cultural Property Protection: our Summer and Winter Schools.  

These usually one-week programmes deal with current issues in the broad field of cultural property protection and usually have a very high proportion of practical exercises in cooperation with various cultural institutions. They offer participants the opportunity to plan for emergencies, develop specific preparedness and risk management strategies for cultural property, learn the proper handling of materials, or work with emergency response organisations to protect cultural property. 

State-of-the-art research and the use of digital tools are enriched by the diverse expertise of participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds. This makes our summer and winter schools an ideal starting point for a deeper engagement with cultural heritage and its protection. 



Cultural Property Protection Exercises

We specialise in a professional approach to the protection of cultural property, focusing on the concrete, practical implementation of strategies and measures. Museums, collections, archaeological and cultural sites benefit from proven emergency and evacuation plans - before disaster strikes. Peacetime preparedness enables the protection of irreplaceable cultural heritage in the event of armed conflict or natural disasters.

At the Center for Cultural Property Protection, we organise cultural property protection exercises, from small-scale staff exercises to authentic large-scale disaster simulations, to teach practical skills. The exercises are led by experienced experts and are designed to take management and protection strategies from theory to practice. The Center acts as an interface between cultural sector professionals, civilians, (inter)national cultural property protection organisations and military task forces and first responders.

The aim of these exercises is to optimise processes, strengthen cooperation between different actors, identify and eliminate weaknesses in the protection of cultural property: participants prepare basic material for possible operations, assess hazard scenarios, deal with the legal aspects of an evacuation, apply the Tactical Command and Control Process as a standardised tool, and practice the correct inventory of evacuated objects and handling of materials.

Our cultural heritage protection exercises enable us to work on an equal footing with (international) emergency organisations and decision-makers at various levels.



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