Anna Kaiser and Raffaela Woller (Center for Cultural Property Protection) together with René Ployer (Federal Monuments Office Vienna) are the editors of the special edition 'Leben am Donaulimes' of the journal 'Archäologie in Deutschland'.

In addition to the successful nomination of the western part of the Danube Limes as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the EU-funded Interreg project Living Danube Limes was a decisive factor for the editors in initiating this special issue. Both the editors and a number of the authors were either directly involved in the project or have links to it.

The editors intend to take readers on a journey along the Danube and introduce them to various aspects of this centuries-old river frontier. A holistic picture of life on the Danube Limes from the imperial era to late antiquity is presented, with the Danube in the spotlight - as a border, as a connecting route, as a natural space.

Information on the special edition 'Leben am Donaulimes'
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