The team from the "Membrane Lightweight Structures” Master´s Program of Department for Building and Environment, University for Continuing Education Krems,  has been honored with the esteemed "Nohmura Foundation for Membrane Structure’s Technology" award. This recognition highlights the team's groundbreaking work and contribution to the field of membrane structures technology.

The award-winning project, spearheaded by the volunteer-based international group Light Footprint, was initiated with a visionary goal to demonstrate the sustainable benefits of tensile membrane architecture. Since its inception in 2020, Light Footprint has embarked on a mission to explore and validate, through science-based data and engineering methodologies, the superior sustainability of architectural tensioned membranes over traditional construction materials.

Central to this work is the focus on reducing the global warming potential (GWP) and climate change impacts associated with construction, emphasizing the urgent need to minimize the operational and embodied carbon within the built environment. By leveraging international best practices, the team has showcased the architectural tensioned membranes' ability to significantly mitigate environmental and health risks.

The project's cornerstone is the proposal to establish a comprehensive website platform. This digital initiative aims to unite the architectural tensioned membrane industry under a common goal: committing to track and reduce the environmental footprint of their projects. Modelled after the successful approach of Built Environment Declares, the platform seeks to foster a community of signatories dedicated to sustainability, sharing industry-specific experiences, resources, and strategies for carbon reduction.

The Light Footprint team's ambition extends beyond mere advocacy; it encompasses the development of a vertically integrated carbon reduction strategy tailored for the niche market of architectural tensioned membranes. This approach aims to encapsulate the collective efforts spanning design, manufacture, supply, installation, and maintenance, marking a significant leap towards a more sustainable construction industry.

In recognition of their innovative research and commitment to environmental stewardship, the "Membrane Lightweight Structures" team's achievement in winning the "Nohmura Foundation for Membrane Structure’s Technology" award is a testament to their dedication and hard work. The Department for Building and Environment looks forward to the continued impact of their pioneering work in promoting sustainable construction practices worldwide.


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