Danuvina Alacris back on the Danube again

After the Connecting Cruise 2022 the authentic replica of a 4th-century Roman ship is on another journey to visit the Living Danube Limes partner countries.


               2023: Germany
               2024: Germany & Austria & Czech Republic & Slovakia
               2025: Slovakia & Hungary
               2026: Croatia & Serbia
               2027: Serbia & Bulgaria & Romania



Austria & Czech Republic 2024

As part of the ReConnecting Cruise, the Danuvina Alacris will visit Austria and the Czech Republic in 2024 and numerous events and activities will take place around the Roman ship, emphasising once again the unifying character of our common Roman heritage along the Danube Limes.



ReConnecting Cruise Dates



Arrival of the Danuvina Alacris at Tulln (Austria)

On 19th April, rowers who (together) participated in the Connecting Cruise 2022 made the first journey of the Danuvina Alacris in Austria as part of the ReConnecting Cruise, rowing from Krems to Tulln. On arrival, the crew were greeted in a festive atmosphere by the mayor of Tulln, Peter Eisenschenk.

The evening was rounded off with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Boris Dreyer (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg) on the subject of "Scientific tests on Roman boats: Historical added value you can touch".

On 20th April, the Danuvina Alacris was officially taken over by the University for Continuing Education Krems for the year 2024.
Throughout the summer, the Danuvina Alacris will be moored in the Gästehafen Tulln (Guest Harbour) and open to the public for excursions. From mid-July to mid-September, the Danuvina Alacris will visit the Czech Republic as part of the ReConnecting Cruise.

On 10th October, the Danuvina Alacris will travel down the Danube towards Slovakia, where it will stay as part of the ReConnecting Cruise in 2025.

Rowing like the Romans

Tulln [Roman: Comagenis] was an important Roman military camp on the Danube and, with its architectural treasures such as the Römerturm, it is part of the Danube Limes World Heritage Site.
2000 years ago, a unit of the Roman Danube fleet temporarily used the harbour of the Comagenis camp. The Danuvina Alacris will be on display again at the Gästehafen Tulln from 19th April to 14th July & from 18th September to 9th October 2024.

Danuvina Alacris

Danuvina Alacris

Try your hand at rowing the Danuvina Alacris

Trip on the Danube
(good physical condition required!)

    Sun, 19 May 2024, 10.30
    Sun, 2 June 2024, 10.30
    Sun, 16 June 2024, 10.30
    Sun, 30 June 2024, 10.30
    Sun, 14 July 2024, 10.30
    Sun, 22 September 2024, 10.30

Manoeuvre in the Gästehafen (harbour)

    Sun, 19 May 2024, 14.00
    Sun, 2 June 2024, 14.00
    Sun, 16 June 2024, 14.00
    Sun, 30 June 2024, 14.00
    Sun, 14 July 2024, 14.00
    Sun, 22 September 2024, 14.00

Individual group trips (8-12 people) on request.


Conditions of participation

Requirements for participants:

  • Physically fit for strong and enduring rowing on the Danube
  • Good swimming ability
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Sign the terms and conditions

Number of participants:
A trip will be organised for a minimum of 8 adults (maximum 12 participants).

Duration of the trip:
Approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the ability and motivation of the participants, plus a further 30 minutes for preparation and wrap-up.

Cancellation policy:
If the minimum number of participants is not reached, or if weather conditions make the trip impossible, the trip will be cancelled. The final decision as to whether the trip is safe will be made by the experienced skippers. If in their opinion a safe trip is not possible, the municipality of Tulln reserves the right to cancel the trip due to the safety risk. In the event of cancellation, the cost of the ticket will be refunded.

Important instructions:

  • The instructions of the skipper must be followed
  • Entry to the jetty, boat and participation is at your own risk
  • The boat is not handicapped accessible

Tickets & Registration:

Participation in a trip is only possible after registration!

Trip on the Danube: 24 € per person
Manoeuvre in the Gästehafen (harbour): 16 € per person

Tickets can be booked online (see link below) or purchased at the Tourist Information Tulln (Minoritenplatz 2; cash only).

Contact for programme enquiries

Stadtmuseum Tulln
Marc-Aurel-Park 1b
3430 Tulln an der Donau

Tel. 02272/690-189

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Gallery ReConnecting Cruise 2023-2027

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