In November, a large delegation of the University Continuing Education Network Finland (UCEF) visited the UWK for three days. The Center for Transdisciplinary Continuing Education Research, together with the Finnish university continuing education experts, established an intensive exchange of ideas and experiences with the UWK, especially on study areas of interest - such as migration and globalization and psychotherapy - and the development of cooperation ideas for continuing education research. Afterwards, the 20-member delegation went to Vienna to the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences to further exchange ideas in the Network for University Continuing Education and Human Resources Development of Austrian Universities (AUCEN https://www.aucen.ac.at/).


Filiz Keser Aschenberger (UWK), Heli Kamppari, Leena Erälinna and Ilkka Vuolaslempi (University of Turku)


The cooperation with the center, arises mainly on the topics: "Benefits of Lifelong Learning" (https://adulteducation.at/sites/default/files/statistikberichte-auswertungen/BeLL-Studie-an-oesterreichischen-Volkshochschulen-2018-2022.pdf) and "evidence-based validation" of formally and informally achieved learning outcomes from learning biographies (Keser Aschenberger/Kil/Löffler 2019 https://zenodo.org/record/2644069#.ZD2zQM7P2Uk). Furthermore, it is exciting now to travel to Finland for a return visit; to investigate practices and issues as new cross-university study networks created by the Finnish higher education institutions and jointly operated learning management infrastructures, such as Peppi or Sisu, and to discuss research opportunities.

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