The Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies at Danube University Krems pursues a topic of high social relevance: the research of lifelong learning in all its different aspects. The spectrum ranges from didactics and media competence to the possibilities of using technology-supported digital tools.

The Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies works on lifelong learning concepts that are closely tailored to the needs of mature working students, enabling them to reconcile work, family, studies and leisure time.

Professional and academic continuing education are considered in the context of adult education in general. Innovative teaching and learning concepts aim to create optimal conditions for acquiring competencies in different phases of life; the students themselves are pivotal in these efforts.

To ensure that this succeeds, managing educational institutions and expert organizations is a critical factor.

The department establishes connections between applied research and career-oriented continuing education, focusing on the possibilities that the latest educational technologies open up.


The Department’s Specializations

  • Digitalization also encompasses and revolutionizes the possibilities of knowledge transfer and knowledge acquisition. Research therefore concentrates on investigating, adapting or newly developing technology-supported learning scenarios.
  • As the world becomes increasingly networked, access to information is easier today than ever before. At the same time, however, it has become apparent that handling digital media requires more advanced skills. This applies to both personal and social challenges in dealing with the new media.
  • A further area of research at the department focuses on the approach to knowledge transfer, and communicating these new approaches. Didactic arrangements are developed in special and innovative settings to facilitate knowledge transfer.


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