The Department of Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies at the University for Continuig Education Krems pursues a subject of high societal relevance with the exploration of lifelong learning in its many aspects. It covers a wide range of topics, from didactics and knowledge transfer to media competence and the possibilities of technology-supported use of digital tools.

Focal points of the department

  • Digitization is also taking hold of and revolutionizing the ways in which knowledge is imparted and gained. Therefore, technology-supported learning scenarios are examined, adapted or newly developed in the research projects.
  • Today, the worldwide advance of networking makes it easier than ever to obtain information, but at the same time it is also apparent that dealing with digital media requires increasingly in-depth knowledge of the subject. This applies to both personal and societal challenges in dealing with new media.
  • Furthermore, the department focuses on the approach to knowledge transfer and how these new approaches can be communicated. Didactic arrangements that facilitate knowledge transfer are developed in special and innovative settings.
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