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Fina, S.; Lentner, G. (2017). The European Union's New Generation of International Investment Agreements and its Implications for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. The Journal of World Investment & Trade, Vol. 18, Issue 2: 271-305

Fina, S.; Lentner, G.M. (2016). The Scope of the EU's Investment Competence after Lisabon. Santa Clara Journal of International Law, 14: 419-440

Feiler, L.; Fina, S. (2016). Datenschutzrecht. In: Handbuch Vertriebsrecht: 425-436, LexisNexis, Österreich

Feiler, F.; Fina, S. (2015). Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit. In: Haftung und Risikomanagement im Unternehmen, WEKA-Verlag, Wien

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Regionalism: EU and the World

Stanford Law School , 25/10/2016

Brexit: Causes, Implications, and Strategies

Stanford: International Law Society , 24/10/2016

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