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Winning in the long run - driving sustainable financial performance on real estate

Duration: 01/12/2009–30/09/2013
Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems): Rupert Ledl
Funding: Unternehmen

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

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Bernet, J.; Sayce, S.; Ledl, R.; Vermeulen, M.; Quinn, F. (2014). The Sustainability Alpha: Market Evidence for Rental Growth Factors in Office Buildings and Shopping Centers across Europe (s-i-r-e Sustainable Investment in Real Estate Book 3) (English Edition). EURO Institut für Immobilien Management GmbH, Köln, Deutschland

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Bernet, J.R.; Sayce, S.; Vermeulen, M.; Ledl, R.C. (2011). WINNING IN THE LONG RUN ? Driving Sustainable Financial Performance on Real Estate - Working Paper 5. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, COBRA 2011 - conference proceedings, COBRA 2011 conference, Salford (UK)

Bernet, J.R.; Sayce, S.; Vermeulen, M.; Ledl, R.C. (2010). IN SEARCH OF GREEN ALPHA! IEIF, RÉFLEXIONS IMMOBILIÈRES: 13-17

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Update in der anwendungsorientierten Bewertungswissenschaft

FORTBILDUNGS-SEMINAR, Landesverband der Gerichtssachverständigen Oberösterreich und Salzburg, 23/04/2016

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