• Course director and coordinator of Media Arts Cultures - Erasmus Mundus joint master degree
  • Founder and course director Crossmedia Exhibition Development (from 2007-2021 was Exhibition Design and Management)
  • Course director of MediaArtHistories
  • Curriculum development and coordination of modularized teaching in areas related to museum strategies and digital culture.
  • Collaboration on the archive: Graphic Collection Stift Göttweig.
  • Collaboration in research and development projects at the Center for Image Science

About the person

  • Since 2005: Member of the Academic Staff at the Department / Center for Image Sciences, Danube University Krems / University for Continuing Education Krems
  • Collaboration / coordination of archives: MediaArtHistoriesArchive, Archive of Digital Art.
  • Headquarters Director of the World Conference Series for the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology.
  • Previously worked as an exhibition developer and manager in various museums and for special exhibitions.
  • Studied Educational Research and Educational Philosophy, Master of Education degree
  • Studied Fine Arts with focus on sculpture and new genres, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Coones, Wendy; Johannsen, Thies; Philipp, Thorsten (2023). Cooperative Education. In: Thorsten Philipp, Tobias Schmohl (eds.), Handbook Transdisciplinary Learning: pgs 53-62, Transcript-Verlag, Berlin

Coones, W. (2020). Elaborating Mediation Through Media Arts. In: Hava Aldouby, Shifting Interfaces An Anthology of Presence, Empathy, and Agency in 21st-Century Media Arts: 91-110, Leuven University Press, Leuven, Belgium

Coones W. (2020). Re-Disciplining Museum Work in Post-Gutenberg Times. Networked Knowledge at the Close of the Gutenberg Paretheses. neues museum - Die Österreichische Museumszeitschrift, 20-1/2: 38-41, Museumsbund Osterreich

Grau, O.; Coones, W. (2020). Museum Network for Digital Arts: A Concerted collection, documentation, and conservation strategy. In: ISEA 2020: 689-694, ISEA, Kanada

Grau, O.; Coones, W.; Rühse, V. (2017). Museum and Archive on the Move - Changing Cultural Institutions on the Digital Era. DE GRUYTER, Berlin

Grau, O.; Coones, W.; Rühse, V. (2017). Museum and Archive on the Move: Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era, Introduction. In: Oliver Grau, Wendy Coones, Viola Rühse, Museum and Archive on the Move: Changing Cultural Institutions in the Digital Era: 9-22, DE GRUYTER, Berlin

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Museum of Damnation Memoraiea: Ragusa 2.0

1st International Conference of Dubrovnik Research Library "Exhibition of the Heritage Items", 28/09/2022

Global Agenda for Contemporary Media Arts Education

Pedagogy of Art and Practice of New Media, 10/12/2021

Innovation in Media Arts Cultures

Digitalisierung in Kunst und Kultur – Wie viel Technologie darf Kunst?, 23/11/2021

Media Art and Digital Objects / Media Art Archives

Searching Digital: Methods, Tools, and Standards of Research in Digital Humanitie (CHASE Training & Development), 16/06/2021

Digital Curation in a Lliving Archive - History and Future of the Archive of Digital Art

International Symposium "Digital Curator"; Masaryk University, 02/12/2020

Resisting A Total Loss Of Digital Heritage. Web 2.0-Archiving & Bridging Thesaurus For Media Art Histories

EVA – Elektronische Medien und Kunst, Kultur, Geschichte, Berlin, Deutschland, 09/11/2018

Visual Competencies through Image Science

Lancaster University, Lancaster UK , 16/10/2018

Dariah Connectivity: Six Decades of Digital Arts & Museum - A New Inftrastructure

The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, 25/11/2017

Media Art Histories Research needs collective research plattforms.

International Conference on the Histoires of MediaArt, Science and Technology, Montreal, 07/11/2015

Culture of the Lynxes – The history & development and future directions of observation practices

OUT OF THE CRADLE / symposium at KSEVT (The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies), 23/11/2013

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