Director of University courses

» Qualitätsjournalismus, MA

» Print-Journalismus, CP


Research / topics

  • journalism


Current lectures

  • writing synopsis and treatments for journalistic pieces

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Ettl-Huber, S.; Juster, J. (2014). Social Media Usage of Austrian Female Journalists. In: Zdruzenie Mass-Media-Science/Association Mass-Media-Science, Otázky Zurnalistiky/Questions of Journalism: 17-27, Verbum - vydavatel'stvo KU, Bratislava

Edelmann, N.; Juster, J.; Schwed, G.; Zauchner, S.; Gerhold, C.; Reicher, S. (2005). Rapid Content Creation Tools: Eine Analyse von Funktionalitäten und Usability.

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Social Media & Journalistinnen: Bedeutung. Nutzung.

Journalistinnenkongress 2013, 05/11/2013

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