Ass.Prof. Dr. Karl Matz

Danube University Krems

Ass.Prof. Dr. Karl Matz

Center for Neurosciences

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

ASPIS Study Group (2018). Multidomain intervention for the prevention of cognitive decline after stroke - a pooled patient-level data analysis. Eur J Neurol., 25: 1182-1188

Brainin, M.; Feigin, V.; Martins, S.; Matz, K.; Roy, J.; Sandercock, P.; Teuschl, Y.; Tuomilehto, J.; Wiseman, A. (2018). Cut stroke in half: Polypill for primary prevention in stroke. Int J Stroke, 25: 633-647

Matz, K. (2018). Frühe Thrombolyse von Schlaganfällen. neurologisch, 03: 87

Teuschl, Y.; Trapl, M:, Ratajczak, P.; Matz, K.; Dachenhausen, A.; Brainin, M. (2018). Systematic dysphagia screening and dietary modifications to reduce stroke-associated pneumonia rates in a stroke-unit. PLoS One, :e0192142: 10.1007/s00415-017-8720-8.

Mijajlovic, M.D.; Pavlovic, A.; Brainin, M.; Heiss, W.D.; Quinn, T.J.; Ihle-Hansen, H.B.; Hermann, D.M.; Assayag, E.B.; Richard, E.; Thiel, A.; Kliper, E.; Shin, Y.I.; Kim, Y.H.; Choi, S.; Jung, S.; Lee, Y.B.; Sinanovic, O.; Levine, D.A.; Schlesinger, I.; Mead, G.; Miloševic, V.; Leys, D.; Hagberg, G.; Ursin, M.H.; Teuschl, Y.; Prokopenko, S.; Mozheyko, E.; Bezdenezhnykh, A.; Matz, K.; et al. (2017). Post-stroke Dementia - a comprehensive review. BMC Medicine, 15(1):11: doi: 10.1186/s12916-017-0779-7

Teuschl, Y.; Matz, K.; Firlinger, B.; Dachenhausen, A.; Tuomilehto, J.; Brainin, M.; ASPIS Study Group. (2017). Preventive effects of multiple domain interventions on lifestyle and risk factor changes in stroke survivors: Evidence from a two-year randomized trial. International Journal of Stroke, 12(9): 976-984

Trapl, M.; Teuschl, Y.; Matz, K.; Dachenhausen, A.; Brainin, M. (2017). Overestimating the risk of aspiration in acute stroke. European Journal of Neurology, 24(6): doi:10.1111/ene.13298

Brainin, M.; Matz, K.; Nemec, M.; Teuschl, Y.; Dachenhausen, A.; Asenbaum-Nan, S.; Bancher, C.; Kepplinger B.; Oberndorfer, S.; Pinter, M.;, Schnider, P.; Tuomilehto, J.; ASPIS StudyGroup (2015). Prevention of poststroke cognitive decline: ASPIS - a multicenter,randomized, observer-blind, parallel group clinical trial to evaluate multiplelifestyle interventions - study design and baseline characteristics. International Journal of Stroke, 10(4): 627-35

Matz K.; Teuschl, Y.; Firlinger, B.; Dachenhausen, A.; Keindl, M.; Seyfang, L.; Tuomilehto, J.; Brainin, M. (2015). Multidomain Lifestyle Interventions for the Prevention of Cognitive Decline After Ischemic Stroke Randomized Trial. Stroke, 46(10): 2874-80

IST-3 collaborative group (2013). Effect of thrombolysis with alteplase within 6 h of acute ischaemic stroke on long-term outcomes (the third International StrokeTrial [IST-3]): 18-month follow-up of a randomised controlled trial. Lancet Neurol, 12(8): 768-76

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Prognoseabschätzung beim hypoxischen Koma nach CPR

Fortbildung Landesklinikum Tulln, Austria, 20/11/2013

Therapie und Prophylaxe des ischämischen Schlaganfalls - Was gibt es Neues?

Kurie der niedergelassenen Neurologinnen und Neurologen , Tulln, Austria, 10/10/2013

Off Label Thrombolyse.

Fortbildung Landesklinikum Tulln, Austria, 30/03/2013

Häufige Fragestellungen an das elektroneurodiagnostische Labor – Standards

Fortbildung Landesklinikum Tulln, 13/01/2013

Time-trends in patient characteristics treate upon acute stroke units: Results from the Austrian Stroke Unit Registry 2003 and 2011

8th World Stroke Congress, Brasilia, Brazil, 11/10/2012

Thrombolysis in diabetic stroke patients: Results from the Austrian Stroke Unit Registry

XXI European Stroke Conference, Lissabon, Portugal, 27/05/2012

IST 3 - erste Auswertung der Baseline-Daten

15. Jahrestagung der ÖGSF, Innsbruck, Austria, 27/01/2012

Diabetes und Thrombolyse

15. Jahrestagung der ÖGSF, Innsbruck, Austria, 27/01/2012

IST 3 Trial - erste Zwischenergebnisse

15. Jahrestagung der ÖGSF, Innsbruck, Austria, 27/01/2012

Diabetestherapie an der Stroke Unit

15. Jahrestagung der ÖGSF, Innsbruck, Austria, 26/01/2012

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