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Engel P. (2021). Autopical Observation in the Codicology of the Hankenstein-Codex or Vienna Oktoich (Vind. slav. 37) in the Austrian National Library. In: Hnatenko, Liudmyla (Ljudmyla)(ed): Videns#kyj Oktojich,, International collective monograph: 60-90; 91-103, Kyjiv-Viden': Horobec

Engel, Patricia; Ehrl, Harald; (2021). A system in which the old covers shall be documented and preserved: A contribution to the history of book restorationin Austria - Eleonore Klee. Conservation Update, 1/2021: 10-35

Collins, M.; Fiddyment, S; Soto, C.; Tesdale, M.; Vnoucek, J.; Engel, P. (2019). Old Conservation Materials and Methods of Parchment Documents. In: Golob, N.; Tomazic Vodopivec, J., Work of Art on Parchment and Paper, Ljubliana 2019: 25-33, Formatisk, Ljubljana

Engel, P. (2018). Schriftguterhaltung in Archiven und Bibliotheken, ein Handbuch für Musik-, Kirchen-Kommunal-, Privat- und Literaturarvchive/-bibliotheken und die Denkmalpflege. Berger, Horn, Wien

Engel, P. (2018). Armenian Paper: An Attempt at a Contribution into the trade history. IPH Congress Book, Vol 20: 125-130

Engel, P. (2018). Old Repairs in Historical Books: A Work in Progress. Care and Conservation, 2018: 227-244

Baranov, V.; Engel, P.; Fuchsbauer, J.; Miklas, H. (2018). El´Manuscript 2018, 7th Conference on Textual Heritage and Information Technologies. Fabio Cusimano, El'Manuscript 2018, 7th International Conference on Textual Heritage and Information Technologies, Verlag Holzhausen, Wien

Engel, P.; Mohan, T.; Ribitsch, V. (2017). Nov NacinMasovnega Razkisljevanja Nanokult je Priloznost za Arhivske Dekumente/ The New Paper Mass Deacidification Process Nanokut is a Chance for the archival Documents. Archives in the Service of People - People in the Service of Archives: 53-71, Alma Mater Maribor, Maribor

Engel, P. (2017). Systemic Thinking in Conservation Theory. International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribor, Atlanti, International review for modern archival theory and practice, 27(1): 205-215, Trieste-Maribor

Boudalis, G. ; Ciechanska, M.; Engel, P.; Ion, R.; Kecskemeti, I.; Moussakova, E.; Pinzari, F.; Schiro, J.; Vodopivec, J. (2016). Historical Book Binding Techniques in Conservation. Berger, Wien, Horn

Boudalis, G. ; Ciechanska, M.; Engel, P.; Ion, R.; Kecskemeti, I.; Moussakova, E.; Pinzari, F.; Schiro, J.; Vodopivec, J. (2016). Mould on Books and Graphic Art . Berger, Wien, Horn

Engel, P. (2016). Sixteenth - century obituary rolls at Kremsmünster Abbey: A case in manuscript preservation and conservation. Department of Nordic Research, University of Copenhagen, Proceedings of the Seminar "Care and Conservation", 2016: 167-182, Museum Tusculanum Press, Kopenhagen

Engel, P.; Ribitsch, V. (2016). Archivgut ist unikal und dennoch Gegenstand von Massenverfahren? – Gedanken zur Massenentsäuerung. Proceedings zur Tagung: Masse und Qualität. Standardisierte Verfahren der Bestandserhaltung in der Diskussion, 47: 86-93

Amornkitbamrung, L.; Mohan, T.; Hribernik, S.; Kargl, R.; Ribitsch, V.; Engel, P. (2016). Stopping mass decay of written heritage – An interdisciplinary approach – Interdisziplinäre Entwicklungsarbeit zur Rettung von Archivgut aus Holzschliffpapier. Restauratorenblätter/ Papers in Conservation, 33: 120-138

Engel, P. (2016). Systemic Approach Towards the Intangible Aspects in Tangible Heritage. RESTIZUTIO, Reclaiming the Tangible and Intangible Heritage, 2/10 2016, Bucharest: 247-249

Engel, P.; Riedl, H. (2016). Interdisciplinary approach in the conservation of cultural heritage – Interdisziplinarität in der Restaurierung. Restauratorenblätter / Papers in Conservation, 33: 16-28

Engel, P. (2016). Restaurierung als Chance zur Erforschung historischer Artefakte: vier Beispiele. Blog „En route to a shared Identity“

Engel, P.; Holle -Nussmüller, H.; Schreiner, M.; Vetter, W.; Wenger, E. (2016). Paper of Armenian Manuscripts – a Key to Stop Ink Corrosion? ERC Newsletter, 2/2016: 4-22

Amornkitbamrung, L.; Mohan, T.; Hribernik, S.; Reichel, V.; Faivre, D.; Gregorova, A.; Engel, P.; Kargl, R.; Ribitsch, V. (2015). Polysaccharide stabilized nanoparticles for deacidification and strengthening of paper. RSC Advances, 5/2015: 32950–32961

Patricia Engel (2015). Die Restaurierung des Klosterneuburger Traditionsbuches. Jahrbuch des Stiftes Klosterneuburg, Band 22: 335-348

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Paper used in or imported to the daspora including Amercia by Armenians

35th IPH Congress: Investigating American Collections on Paper, 07/06/2021

Leather Selection and Use: a panel disucssion on the impact of conservator's choices

2021 AIC/SPNHC Joint Virtual Annual Meeting May 10 - June 24, 05/05/2021

Russian State Library celebrates restoration of the Codes Marianus

Conference on the Mariinsky Gospel, 05/04/2021

Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Dust for Authentication of Historic Mansucripts

Medieval Congress 2020, 06/07/2020

Care and Conservation in Zwetti Cistercian monastery

Care and Conservation of Manuscripts 18, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22/04/2020

Challenges in written heritage conservation

NUSPRASEN WORKSHOP on Nuclear Science Applications, 26/11/2019

Our Austro-Indonesian Projects

Wiener Archäographisches Forum (WAF), 20/11/2019

Three case studies on unsolved conservation problems concerning ink corrosion

ICC, Donau-Universität Krems, Österreich, 24/10/2019

Comprehensive criticism of conservation methods - their capacity to alter the material documents drawings and books are made of

MATCONS 2019, Italy, 09/10/2019

Wo ist die Kunst in der Restaurierungswissenschaft?

4. En route to a shared identity-Tagung VA ID: 29439, 16/09/2019

Methods of mould detection for conservation of cultural heritage storage areas in case of an infestation/threat for the reader and user - first insights into a work in progress

ETICCH 2019, Sibiu, Romania, 11/09/2019

Impact of ol conservation methods on leather and parchment

Icom - CC leather and Parchment group meeting, Paris, France, 06/06/2019

Icom - CC leather and Parchment group meeting

International Symposium: Works of Art on Parchment and Paper, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 06/06/2019

Die neuesten Projekte der Europien Research Centre of Book and Paper conservation an restauration

Generaldirektion des Österreichischen Staatsarchivs, Wien, 31/05/2019


Europa Nostra; KULTURERBE | Last und Leidenschaft, Krems, Österreich, 23/05/2019

Buchpflege und Buchrestaurierung, Theorie und Praxis

Universitätscampus Altes KH, Spitalgasse 2-4, Wien, 22/05/2019

Netzwerktreffen Graphische Sammlungen Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt, 16/05/2019

Vertiefte Einsicht in die Struktur von Handschriften

Drittmitteltag and der Universität Wien, Österreich, 12/04/2019

Comprehensive treatment of paper - based CH

Europa Nostra; KULTURERBE | Last und Leidenschaft, Krems, Österreich, 25/03/2019

Research in Conservation on works of Art made of paper and Parchment - what can we learn from past for future

Museen Hong Kong, 27/12/2018

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