Nils Haneklaus

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Diwa, R.R.; Tabora, E.U.; Palattao, B.L.; Haneklaus, N.H.; Vargas, E.P.; Reyes, R.Y.; Ramirez, J.D. (2021). Evaluating radiation risks and resource opportunities associated with phosphogypsum in the Philippines. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 330: 10.1007/s10967-021-08142-8

Hakkar M.; Arhouni F.E.; Mahrou A.; Bilal E.; Bertau M.; Roy A.; Steiner G.; Haneklaus N.; Mazouz H.; Boukhair A.; Benjelloun M. (2021). Enhancing rare earth element transfer from phosphate rock to phosphoric acid using an inexpensive fly ash additive. Minerals Engineering, 172 / 107166:

Li, B.; Haneklaus, N. (2021). The role of renewable energy, fossil fuel consumption, urbanization and economic growth on CO2 emissions in China. Energy Reports, 7: 783-791

Qamouche, K.; Chetaine, A.; El Yahayoui, A.; Moussaif, A.; Fröhlich, P.; Bertau, M.; Haneklaus, N. (2021). Uranium and other heavy metal sorption from Moroccan phosphoric acid with argan nutshell sawdust. Minerals Engineering, 171: 10.1016/j.mineng.2021.107085

Haneklaus, N.H. (2021). Calcination. In: Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy: 131-138, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Haneklaus, N.H. (2021). Unconventional Uranium Resources From Phosphates. In: Elsevier, Encyclopedia of Nuclear Energy: 286-291, Elsevier, Amsterdam

Steiner, G.; Haneklaus, N.; Geissler, B. (2020). Making Uranium Recovery from Phosphates Great Again? Environmental Science & Technology, 54: 1287-1289

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Wertstoffrückgewinnung mit Rosenblühten und Nussschalen: Erste Erfahrungen aus Bulgarien und Marokko

Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppen Abfallbehandlung und Wertstoffrückgewinnung, Energieverfahrenstechnik, Gasreinigung, Hochtemperaturtechnik, R, 30/03/2022

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